Global Human Development Report, 2020 has been launched in Nairobi.

Themed Human Development and the Anthropocene, Expanding Human Freedoms in Balance with The Planet, the report highlights how human development destroys the environment. For instance, it gives a case of negative human development in the environment which has led to the emergence of deadly viruses such as Ebola and Covid-19 which have been a result of an animal to human viral transfer. At the same time, the report gives recommendations on how planetary balance can be maintained whilst maintaining sustainable development on the planet.


The report offers building block mechanisms that will ensure that sustainable development and preservation of the ecosystem is achieved in the face of human development on the planet.

The building blocks are:

  1. Nature-based solutions that aim at creating awareness that there is no distinction between humans and nature but rather the two are intertwined. This, therefore, makes humans practice sustainable use of natural resources
  2. Incentives development by countries as monitoring and evaluating the length at which respective countries consumes fossil fuels
  3. Adoption of new norms in the consumption of natural resources whilst ensuring low carbon emission

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