Kenya has made numerous achievements in conformity with the four African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) thematic pillars.

President Kenyatta said this during the 30th summit of the APRM Forum of Heads of State and Government which was held virtually on March 25th. During the Summit, the president presented on progress Kenya has made on the implementation of recommendations on Kenya’s Second Country Review Report which was conducted in 2017.

At the meeting chaired by H.E. Cyril Ramaphosa President of the Republic of South Africa, President Uhuru Kenyatta affirmed Kenya’s commitment to the APRM process saying that it promotes accountability and will help build a cohesive society.

“The APRM governance principles require us to be accountable to ourselves, to each other as member states, and to our respective citizens.  It is for these reasons that I rise to highlight the progress Kenya has made in implementing commitments made during the peer review session of January 2017.”

In addition, President Kenyatta acknowledged that the culture of corruption that has grown roots in Kenyan society, negative ethnicity, lack of inclusion, and other challenges will be stopped through a participatory process such as the Building Bridges Initiative

“We have initiated the Building Bridges Initiative, culminating in the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, 2020; which seeks to comprehensively address our perennial challenges, particularly those arising from political transitions, negative ethnicity, lack of inclusion, inequitable development, and our fight against corruption.”

On issues of security, the president said that the country is working with other security organs to identify and analyze measures to curb the challenges of border conflict and counter-terrorism strategies in the country.

“To strengthen regional peace and security, we continue supporting the United Nations Security Council and the African Union’s Peace and Security organs to enhance peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, and violent extremism and address the nexus between climate change and security. Our interventions include consistent support for the Revitalized Peace Agreement in South Sudan and the Somali Transition and Stabilization efforts.”

The Head of State also addressed corporate governance saying that the country had enacted standards for businesses under the County Governments Act and strengthened the financial sector to ensure investors are supported with affordable credit.

“To enhance ease of doing business, my Government introduced a new Companies Act, including new Insolvency and Business Registration Services laws. In addition, the Huduma Kenya Secretariat rolled out Credit Reference Bureau services in the selected center”

The President also spoke on the progress of Socio-Economic Development Pillar, saying that his administration gives high priority to the health sector in the country.

“We invested USD 40 million in 4 pilot counties; focused on community and primary healthcare services, strengthened health systems including basic and specialized medical services.”

Moreover, he acknowledged his administration’s actions on empowering women, youth, and people with disabilities by increasing their access to funds, establishing more Gender Recovery Centres for gender-based violence survivors, and mainstreaming gender-based budgeting.

In conclusion, the president affirmed Kenya’s commitment to the APRM process by incorporating democratic principles such as transparency and commitment so as to meet the goals set by the country.


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