The APRM Continental Secretariat has the pleasure to share the following opportunities at the Continental Secretariat to interested persons.

1. Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of Knowledge hub (e- Platform) at APRM
Location: South Africa

APRM SPN E-Platform Advert Document. Revised Bid 03.07.2019 (1) No Objection 14.07.2019

2. Procurement of APRM 15th anniversary documentary and coffee table book services
Location: South Africa

Revised APRM 15TH ANNIVERSARY Specific_Procurement_Notice__SPN_16.07.2019 Final for Advert

Individual consultancy services for a study on The Drivers of Corporate and Economic Governance Performance in Africa
Location: South Africa

Final PDF APRM REOI_APRM-ISP-Individual Consultant Drivers of Corporate and Econ AfDB No Objection 10.07.2019-converted (1)


For detailed information about the above opportunities, click the links below the respective opportunities.


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