The NEPAD/APRM Kenya Secretariat led by Amb. Dr. Samori Okwiya today paid a courtesy call to the Managing Director of Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Center Dr. David Kios.

The courtesy call aimed at creating a partnership between the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre and the NEPAD/APRM Kenya Secretariat in order to build capacity of the centre through penetrating a wider market in Kenya and Africa at large by sensitizing and upscaling penetration of rear breeding sires for provision of high-quality disease-free semen to meet the national demand and for export.

This endeavour forms a critical basis of promoting and contributing to the Government Development approach of the bottom-up economic model blueprint that targets to promote investments of ordinary Kenyans farmers by empowering them through sensitization on the need to use high quality animal germplasm to improve on animal breeds. This will ensure increased production and productivity in the agricultural sector and enhance food and nutrition security and poverty eradication.

The approach is in line with the Africa Union Development Agenda 2063  aspiration one that call prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development) by developing Africa’s human and social capital (through an education and skills revolution emphasizing science and technology as well as transforming Africa’s economies through beneficiation from Africa’s  resources through industrialization and value addition, as well as raising productivity and competitiveness; and radically transforming African agriculture to enable the continent to feed itself and be a major player as a net food exporter; exploiting the vast potential of Africa.

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